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【Ceramic flowmeter】
■ Measuring catheter using high-tech ceramic materials, vacuum-proof.
■ Specially designed measuring catheter with a conical import and export, and optimize the flow field.
■ Smooth surface ceramic measuring tube, the application can be stabilized in the noise measurements.
■ Ceramic measuring tube can be installed metal electrode materials, sintered ceramic electrodes forming conductive and capacitive electrodes.
■ Not sensitive to temperature shocks, excellent long-term stability and accuracy guarantee.
■ High wear resistance, suitable for slurry fluid measurement applications.
■ Improved security design for fluid measurement applications hygiene requirements.
■ Excellent chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, to fully meet the application requirements of the chemical industry.
■ Accuracy: 0.2, 0.5.
■ Nominal diameter range: DN15-DN200.
■ Nominal pressure: PN16 (DN15-DN200), PN40 (DN15-DN150), PN100 (DN15-DN25, DN150-DN200).

Industry sectors:
■ Chemical Industry
■ Paper and pulp
■ Water and Wastewater Treatment
■ Mining
■ Food and Beverage
■ Manufacturing
■ Electricity (CWS)

■ Key positions custody transfer meter
■ Precise metering of additives
■ Chemicals pulsation metering
■ Apply acid, alkali, high viscosity, high solids content or a slurry, and many other corrosive media.